How to Hack WhatsApp Messages

How to Hack WhatsApp Messages (100% FREE)

WhatsApp is the most prominent social site and application that are used by all age groups. This social media platform provides its users a number of benefits. It is used to send and receive the text messages- commonly referred to as chatting; send and receive multimedia such as photos, videos, etc; share and receive the status updates on the story timeline; share the documents in the pdf, Xls, and, etc. extensions and there are many more features that are provided by the application.

How to hack WhatsApp Using PhoneTracking App
How to hack WhatsApp Using PhoneTracking App

WhatsApp uses the contacts of the phone within the app. The contacts of the phonebook in a particular phone are synced with the WhatsApp account of that phone. Now, what is the need to hack someone’s WhatsApp? There could be many reasons behind it. Some of the reasons are mentioned below-

  1. You might be an employer and could be concerned about the slow progress of the company. Somewhere you suspect the employees of your company of sharing confidential information to the competitors. You want to know the name of the employee and for that; you have decided to hack their WhatsApp account.
  2. Also, you could be a mum or a dad that is very much concerned about the child’s safety. Your child is involved in the social activities on his Smartphone in an exotic way and thus, you are feeling a need to hack his WhatsApp to know what’s happening with him.
  3. If not the above then your spouse might be cheating on you and spends most of the time being active on WhatsApp. You want to know the truth that is hidden from you and so you have decided to hack their WhatsApp account.

So, these are some of the reasons that could be responsible for you taking this step. Now, you would be thinking about the safety of your identity when you do this. Don’t worry! We have an application that is 100% safe and anonymous. You can rely on this app completely. The app is named as PhoneTracking. Here are some steps on how to download the app and use it.

PhoneTracking – Best WhatsApp Hacking

PhoneTracking - Best WhatsApp Hacking
PhoneTracking – Best WhatsApp Hacking

Step 1: Download the app using the link below. After the download is finished, install it on both the phones- yours as well as the targeted one at

Step 2: Register and create a new account by providing your email and set a password.

Step 3: Now, login to the application and access the control panel.

Step 4: After you open the control panel, make a call to the targeted person’s phone. This will generate a code and pair the two devices.

Step 5: After the two devices get paired, you will find a map of the target device on the control panel. Here, you want to hack the WhatsApp account- so mark WhatsApp as the enabled one.

Step 6: All the notifications of the activities done by the target person in their WhatsApp account will be displayed in the control panel on your phone.

Step 7: You can also enable the GPS Tracker if you want to know about the location from where the targeted phone is being operated.

So, in this way, you can hack on the targeted person’s WhatsApp account.

What are the features of the WhatsApp Hacker using PhoneTracking

  • Convenient: This app is very convenient when it comes to hacking. It is very user-friendly and gives you comfort when you hack WhatsApp on the targeted phone.
  • Free Trial: If you want a free trial before moving to the premium services, this app offers you that. It provides you with a free trial by which you can experience hacking.
  • Good customer service: If you face any issue or technical problems while hacking, customer support will always be there to help you. The customer support is available 24×7 in the app.
  • Compatible with all devices: Also, this application is compatible with all the devices like android, iOs, mac, etc. So, you can use it on any phone.

So, these are some of the features that this app provides you when you hack WhatsApp using Phone Tracker.

Benefits of tracking WhatsApp with PhoneTracking

There are various benefits of this phone tracking application. This helps you in spying on the activities of a targeted person and in many more factors. Here are mentioned some of the benefits of hacking WhatsApp using the PhoneTracking app.

Monitor activities of your children

When you hack your child’s account, you receive the following benefits:

  • Whom they chat: You will get a complete list of people with whom they chat.
  • What they chat: You can know the contents of the chat too.
  • What they share: You can know what posts they share and the status updates too.
  • Are they misusing the platform: You can also know about the activities if they are misusing it in any way?

So, in this way phone tracker helps you when you are concerned with your child’s safety on WhatsApp.

Monitor activities of your partner

Here are some benefits that you would receive when you spy on your partner’s WhatsApp account using the PhoneTracking app-

  • Whom they chat: You can know about the people with whom they talk or chat most. Their chat list will be displayed in front of you and you could know about it.
  • What they chat: If they are actually cheating on you then their chat history will say it all. You can read those chats and know everything about what is the reason behind their excessive usage of the phone.
  • Are they innocent: Also, if there is nothing hidden, then you would know about it whether these were just the doubts or something more.


So, this phone tracker application will help you to know about the entire partner’s activity on their WhatsApp account.

So, these are the benefits that you receive when you use the PhoneTracking application to hack any WhatsApp account using phone Tracker. If you too are suspicious of someone, then try the app now.

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