Wechat Tracker: How to track Wechat using the Phone Tracker App
Wechat Tracker: How to track Wechat using the Phone Tracker App

WeChat is an instant messaging site and application that allows its users to share and post media content with their friend’s list. Also, it allows sending and receiving the texts that are popularly termed as chatting. It has millions of active users that share their day-to-day activities and chat with friends and family. But, alongside this, on the other hand, people misuse this platform. This includes your kid getting in a bad influence, your spouse cheating on you or your employee leaking the confidential information outside the company.

If this is actually the case, then you must track their phone. This has been made possible by an app named Phone Tracker. Phone Tracker App is very safe and provides you with several benefits. It is very secure and reliable-it assures that you never get caught. Also, it is fast and can track the targeted phone in no time. This article guides you on how to download the use the application to track the targeted person’s WeChat.

How to download the Phone Tracker for tracking WeChat

How to download the Phone Tracker for tracking WeChat
How to download the Phone Tracker for tracking WeChat

Step1: Download the Phone Tracker. After that, install it on your device as well as the targeted phone.

Step2: After the installation gets completed, register and create an account by entering your email and password.

Step3: Read all the rules and regulations of using this app carefully.

Step4: After you have understood the terms and conditions, log in and look for the control panel.

Step5: Access the control panel.

So, these are the steps to download and install the app on your phone.

How to track WeChat using Phone Tracker

Step1: When you sign in and access the control panel, you will have to pair the two devices. For this, you can either call or text the person. Use the control panel to place a call or send a text message to the required person’s number. The calling or texting itself is sufficient to pair- it doesn’t matter that the call is picked on the other side or not. A code gets generated after the pairing.

Step2: After the pairing is successfully done, you will see a complete map of the targeted person’s phone on the control panel. This map shows the areas of the targeted person’s phone. You can select which area has to be spied like you want to spy WeChat, so mark WeChat as the Enabled area.

Step3: After you are done with the marking of the areas, check your phone for all the notifications. You can know about the texts and calls that have been placed by the person or have been received by the person.

Step4: If you want to know the location of the victim, then you can enable the GPS Tracker on the map. You will then come to know the area from where the person is accessing his account.

In this way, you can track someone’s WeChat using Phone tracker application.

Tracking this app using Phone Tracker is safe and reliable. So, with no fear in mind, you can track the targeted person’s phone and can know the hidden truth behind their unusual behavior.

Benefits you receive to track the WeChat account of the targeted person using PhoneTracker

Track chat history: Not only the present texts can be tracked, but also the previous chat history that has been deleted or hid by the person can be viewed and read.

Track shared multimedia: You can also view the complete media that has been shared by the person in the form of post or message. Also, if someone has sent any media to the person on the personal chat, then that can be viewed too.

Track the friends’ list: You can also track the full friends’ list of the person. Who is getting added and who is getting blocked, every single detail can be tracked by this app.

Track what is being typed at present: When you are accessing the control panel and if the targeted person uses his phone at that time, then you can look through all the texts that he types. You can track every single word being typed by him.

Track the location: Also, you can track the location of his phone from where he is using WeChat.

So, this is how WeChat can be tracked by using Phone Tracker. If you also suspect someone and want to track their phone, then download this app now.