Viber Tracker: How to track Viber
Viber Tracker: How to track Viber

Have you ever thought on how to spy or track Viber messages of someone’s mobile? If you did, then did you get the method to do so? I think your answer will be “no", but don’t be upset! Here, we have something which really helps you to track Viber account of others. Phone Tracker App is the simple to use monitoring apps. These monitoring apps help you to spy on Viber calls, Viber messages and so on.

Reason to spy someone's Viber

  • Know what your kids are doing on viber
    Children make use of viber to chat with their friends. You may not know about what they talk about all day, isn’t it?  Even if you try opening the viber account of your child, a message will show asking you to enter a password! How unlucky you feel! When you ask your child- whom are you chatting? They ignore you or lie to you which make you frustrated. This is the biggest reason to spy on viber account of your child. Spying will allow you to read all the messages, hear recorded calls, etc. thus, you will not be fooled up by your child. You will be able to know each and everything they talk to their friends.
  • Know what your spouse does on his/ her Viber account-
    Your spouse may act innocently in front of you and say that he or she is talking to his friends about the office work. Will you believe it easily? Don’t you doubt your spouse and feel like if he/ she are lying to you? If you want to know what your spouse activities on viber like a call made to another person, chat, etc you will need to spy on them. This will help you to discover the truth. If the truth is that your spouse is cheating on you then you can take the necessary actions beforehand.
  • Know what your employees do on Viber-
    Being an employer or the head of an office, you feel curious to know what your employees are doing during work hour. Are they chatting on Viber, making calls, etc and wasting the precious time? This is a huge problem and can put your company at loss. Thus, you need to spy on your employees. If you find that your employees are delaying their work and chatting on some messaging app then scold them, or give last warning.

So, these are some of the reason to spy on someone’s Viber account.

How to spy on Viber account

To spy on Viber account of your loved ones you will need to take help of Phone Tracker application. This application will be easily available on the website. You can download the Phone Tracker application from the given website and then install it on your device. Also, download and install this application on the target mobile phone (children, spouse or employee’s mobile). Make sure you hide the application on the targeted mobile so that he or she will not be able to detect it. When the other person will not know he/ she is spied on, then you can safely carry out spying operation.

Next step is that you are needed to make an account by signing in on the spy app. When you get your ID as well as the password, use it to log in to the user control panel. Logging in the control panel is necessary to spy on the target phone. If you don’t log in then you are not able to spy. Once, you log in to the user control panel then all the information related to Viber account of targeted person and his activities on Viber will be displayed on your device.

All the above steps are to be followed then only you will be able to see the activities of targeted person on Viber. You will be able to view full chat and chat history, the name of the message sender, call recording, time as well as date information, etc.

Additional features of Phone Tracker application

Additional features of Phone Tracker application
Additional features of Phone Tracker application
  • GPS tracking- acknowledges your loved ones location and their mobile location using the phone tracking GPS tracking feature. Troubles will never get in your children, or spouse’s way when you know where they are and what they are doing.
  • Track photos and videos- view the photos and videos saved on your loved ones mobile. The encrypted photos, as well as videos, will also be accessed using this feature. This is an important feature that will reveal truth hidden on your loved one's phone.
  • WhatsApp spy- this feature helps you view the entire media shared on WhatsApp, chat history, password, login details, setting, etc. using this feature you will be able to discover the truth behind the changed behavior of your loved ones.
  • Block apps- this feature of the Phone Tracker  will allow blocking the applications stored in your loved one's phone. If you think the target person is misusing some apps and wasting their precious time then block them. They will not be able to access the blocked apps. Thus, your motto to avoid them from using such apps will be accomplished.
  • Block URLs- the URLs which are inappropriate can be blocked using the Phone Tracker app. This will help your child to remain away from malicious URL and URL having bad content or adult content. Also, you can avoid your spouse from accessing such URLS this will help them focus on their office work.
  • Social media- spy on the most used social media apps like the Facebook, Nnapchat, Instagram using Phone Tracker. This will help you remain up to date about the social activities of your loved ones and they will not be able to fool you up.
  • Track on email- documents and other content shared through email can be tracked using the Phone Tracker. Also, you can save or download the document.

Benefits of Viber Tracker App

  • Save your child from bullies-
    Your child must be bullied by his/ her friends on Viber. But he will not tell you this directly, isn’t it? also, you will not be able to protect him/ her if you don’t find out he/ she is bullied. The Phone Tracker app has various features like spying on call, messenger, media files, GPS, social media. Using these features you can know what problems your child is facing. Who is bullying your child and how? All this will be known if you use the Phone Tracker app.
  • Save your company from rivals-
    Your employees must be using the Viber and sharing the important data of your company with your rivals. How will you know it? Simple, use the spy app and save your company from your rivals. Track on all the information shared by your employees using various applications like Viber, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. your company will not face losses when you spy on your employees and deny them from sharing data of your company.
  • Save your relationship-
    The Phone Tracker software can save your relationship. Your relationship is but to risk when you are in doubt and unable to know what your spouse does on the messaging app like Viber. You remain in doubt behave in a rude manner with your spouse and this ruin your relationship. You need to spy on your spouse using Phone Tracker app. This will save your relationship. You will be able to develop love, trust, and faith in your spouse when you know everything about them.