Tinder Tracker: How to track Tinder using the Phone Tracker App
Tinder Tracker: How to track Tinder using the Phone Tracker App

Tinder is an online dating app which is a location-based application designed for easy communication for people who wish to chat, meet, flirt, or get involved romantically. It is specially designed for Smartphone users which got launched in the year 2012. Tinder which is a location-based app filters various matches as per the location of the user. The active user is free to choose the desired distance they wish to concentrate on. Moreover, tinder filter matches by gender as well as age.

It is best known for its swiping feature. If any of the users find any of the potential matches, he/she can swipe right. On the other hand, if the user does not wish to see such matches, he/she can simply swipe to left. It is similar to “no string sex/hookup” app for thousands of college campuses. Since the release of this dating app, approximately billion swipes have been made every day. The active users check their account more than 10 times and the time spends on it every day has reached around 90 minutes.

Can you really spy on Tinder with Phone Tracker App

There are lots of users who ask how to spy this popular dating app; literally, there could be more than a single answer to this particular question. However, there are certain things that need to be taken under consideration if you really wish to track tinder using a tracking app. You might have searched how to track tinder many times and just get to finds few websites that spend huge time promoting their services. It is a brutal fact that downright, advertisements and ineffective or unnecessary promotions don’t work. The following guide is especially for those who need to make the right choice between false and true service.

It is suggested to try Phone Tracker App if you aren’t familiar with any of the cell Phone Tracker application. Phone Tracker app fulfills all the compatible requirements before you swim into it and start installing the app. It contains lots of useful features and tools that make the tracking more convenient and simpler. So, let us stop discussing this lengthy guide and get back to the main idea of this article.

About Phone Tracker app for tracking Tinder

About Phone Tracker app for tracking Tinder
About Phone Tracker app for tracking Tinder

This tracking application offers numerous features related to Tinder monitoring compared to any other application available in the market. The app not only captures and records the conversations & matches but it also displays all the information related to profile such as gender preference, age range preference, and location. The dashboard of the app is really very easy to use as it is capable of tracking useful information from the profile. The app is compatible with both Android as well as iPhone device.

Other Features of Phone Tracker App

Once you got logged into the Phone Tracker app, you are provided with a dedicated tinder tab to monitor. Other than that you are provided with three tabs as user setting, message, and conversations.

User settings– This section includes preferences such as gender preference, GPS location and age preference. This could bring useful information for the parents to see whether their kid has undergone in any of the illegal activity or not. The app also enables the parent to protect their kid from making bad judgments.

Conversation- This section contains imitated chat conversations and all the matches also the last message which was sent by the suspect with timestamp and date stamp attached. You can view the conversation from full chat window that will take you to another tap.

Message tap– Under message tap, you get full access to a full window of conversation that gets exchanged between the suspect and the matches. The quick downright menu enables you to switch between one to another match on Tinder. Each message gets acquainted with timestamp and date attached.


These are the three main taps through which you can monitor suspect activities easily on your Smartphone. You can download this application and catch cheating partner on tinder or monitor your kids.