How To Spy On Someone’s Instagram Without Touching Their Cell Phone

Way to spy on Instagram without touching target cell phone

Social media platforms are on the boom and offer valuable services to the people. It allows one to share various things such as images, videos, and other news too. One such social media platform that has baffled the audience through its outstanding services is Instagram. It allows the user to share videos and photos both publicly and privately. It also offers the option to the users to share it other social media platforms like Facebook.

Way to spy on Instagram without touching target cell phone
Way to spy on Instagram without touching target cell phone

The features can be accessed easily once the account has been created. Your parent or spouse might have an Instagram account and it can be hacked anytime because nowadays it is in trend.

How one can spy on someone’s Instagram account without touching it

How one can spy on someone's Instagram account without touching it
How one can spy on someone’s Instagram account without touching it

There are lots of options available in the market that allows you to hack the Instagram account. However, the best one is using an Instagram account hacker. Presently the best Instagram hacking tool is PhoneTracking. The powerful software offers the best features to its users. With the assistance of the application, one can easily hack the device of the suspect. It is best in the sense that it can work well on devices like windows, iPhone, and Android. The activities of the suspect can be easily spied through the tool.

In order to spy on someone’s Instagram account, you need to download the application. Follow the simple steps and get it easily-

  • Step 1– visit and hit the button stating download
  • Step 2- now you need to fill in the details of the suspect such as phone number, email address.
  • Step 3– now make a fresh account on the site. You are required to have a password and ID.
  • Step 4– now link or connect the app with the device. Once the suspect device is connected with your account you are ready to receive all the information
  • Step 5- log in and start spying on the suspect. You can use the feature that offers information from various sides.

Features of the PhoneTracking app

The PhoneTracking offers best and easy to handle features that are incomparable with other spying tools. It makes use of the high quality and latest phone monitoring system. It not only highlights the content but also records it on the control panel. The basic feature offered are-

  • It offers full access to the Instagram account of the suspect
  • It not only stores but also all the individual to view images and videos that are being shared through the account. It has an incredible control panel that makes the individual view all the activities
  • It also offers contact details like the phone number and name of the person
  • Without touching the cell phone of the user, you can easily record all the details from the suspect cell phone. Use the hide option to hide the application, so that the suspect will never ever come to know about your activities. It needs no technical knowledge and experience. This is the biggest advantage for the potential user.

More features offered by the PhoneTracking

  • Call recording the call recording feature is the most used as it allows one to record all the calls that are delivered or sent from the suspect cell phone. You will be notified every time the suspect makes any move.
  • GPS Tracker the GPS tracker can be easily used to access the location of the suspect. It is an important feature and this is inbuilt in the app. It can easily track the location or the place visited by the suspect.
  • Notification and alert- this feature is the most used. It has the sole purpose of allowing the user to know when and how the suspect is making the activity.
  • Monitor internet activities– the feature can be easily used to know all the internet activities done by the suspect. It includes activities such as visited sites, bookmarks, downloads, and other things too.
  • SMS tracking– this feature allows the user to spy on the text messages. It can spy on send and receive messages. The messages thus can be stored on the control panel. It also offers time and date regarding every message that has been received or sent.
  • Ambient listening– the ambient listening feature offer details regarding the voices happening at the back of the suspect. It can simply record all the noises from the surroundings.


These are some advanced features provided by the PhoneTracking tool to its active users. You can have other features too that can be known from the official site.

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