Earlier, gadgets like mobile phones, iPod, laptop and tablets used to be so expensive, that a whole community contributed and owned one for mutual use! But today how astonishingly the value of these gadgets is diminishing and same is happening with our relationships too. People, especially teenagers, consider their social media friends much reliable than their parents and siblings. They are often found chatting on their phones even while having dinner or family outings, thus, the need to put a STOP mark on this, is highly required!

Know about Phone Tracker application and its role

Gone are the days when you could slap your kid and make them do whatever you want! Now they are extremely aggressive, rebellious and don’t listen to their parents after a certain age! The only way to tackle this, is either you stay with them like a frank-friend or just connect with their mobile phones indirectly! The first one is probably not possible in most of the cases, while the latter is. So this time on their birthday, if they want you to gift them a mobile phone, then load it with Phone Tracker app in advance.

Our application is a mobile phone based tracking platform which lets the users connect with the device of anyone they want. However, to get the app, it is essential that the user must be a close acquaintance of that person (like parents, partner) or should have the permission from the phone user. So definitely going with the first one, you will get to use this app legally.

The application tracks upon the mobile phone activity instantly, while also dealing with the real time behavioural changes. So in case while your kid is in the college or coaching, you can actually figure out their location, and what they are doing! Is he actually attending the classes or watching movies? Is she actually in her dance classes or just fooling your and partying with friends? Now all such questions will not bother you anymore! As you will forever stay connected with your child, you will be able to get all their information within minutes.

Why parental control is essential

Do you spend enough time with them? Do you talk about their problems? Do you deal with their issues and talk how their day was? Are you frank enough with your kid? If you answer most of these in “NO” then something really wrong is happening in your family!

If we go by the facts, then the impact of mobile phones and continuous internet access is extremely harmful that you can’t even think of it! TTT or you can say Teen Tendonitis is one major term given to the problem caused by the addiction of gadgets; it causes excessive pain in hands, back and even in neck due to their poor posture. In fact, this habit continues and they tend to lose the real posture of their body, which is extremely harmful for their health and depicts unimpressive personality. If the problem persists, it can even lead to arthritis or impaired vision in the long term.

Other than that, stress, lack of sleep, obesity and above all, cyber bullying is something which negatively harms the lives of your kids. While they continuously use the mobile phones, they get trapped within a completely different world and totally cut off from the real lives. Lack of conversation with you and more engagement with virtual strangers might let them fall into big troubles at times.

Thus, every parent today needs to be alert and have to figure out one instant way of dealing with the kids nuisances. And there is only one smart way of doing so, the Phone Tracker app!

Features of our Phone Tracker app and relative characteristics

The Phone Tracker is a fully fledged perfect platform which lets the parents seek their liberty while keeping an eye on their children. Well, at times you stay busy in your household chores and office work. You cannot always roam around your child and question what he/she is doing, and in such cases, our app does the talking. It has got uncountable features and characteristics, which make it, stand out of other competitive applications in the market. Some of its features are presented here for you-

  • Messages- It tracks upon the social media messages of your kid’s phone and brings out all the essential details regarding their conversations with date, time and details of the other party.
  • SMS- Just like social media texting, you can also view the messages being sent as SMS which directly appear in the phone’s inbuilt inbox. Go through these texts and find out the truth.
  • Feeds- Phone Tracker app is a perfect tool to monitor upon all the social media feeds as well. their new profile picture, check in details, location update, tags, comments, likes and every other thing will be instantly visible to you through our application.
  • Call- The app makes your parental controlling easier with call tracking. While they are on an audio call, the whole conversation is recorded and stored on the control panel.
  • Log- Along with listening the audio call conversation, you can also check full contact log history including missed calls, received calls, dialled calls and others as well. Even if they delete any of this, you can grab that too.
  • Applications- While new applications are arriving each day, children usually install many of them. So get the details of any new app installed with its name, version, permissions accessible and other details within no time.
  • Key logger- We have got a key logger attached with the app, which allows the user to detect all the passwords being used upon the target device. So all the phone unlocking password, along with their ID and passwords of email, and social media handles will be under your reach.
  • Notes and remainders- your kid might have added some special dates or events on their to-do, notes or remainder list which can reveal a lot about their weekend plans. So our app will help you in knowing all of these.
  • Remote controlling- Phone Tracker lets you connect with your children and remotely access some of the features of their phone. You can either delete any chat, message, call log or other detail which you have been looking for.
  • Browsing history- so this again helps you in knowing about hat browsers and web pages they have been accessing. If you find any adult site carrying unethical content, you can just block it off anytime you want!

These were only the few basic features which our application has got for you. When you struggle deep down and try using the app on your own, you will realise how amazing the platform is. It will easily let you have full control upon your children while easily paying focus on your work! Now it’s time to say bye-bye to all your tensions, and introduce this amazing application to your kid’s mobile phone and get easy surveillance benefits.

What makes Phone Tracker different from others

Just like its interesting features, it has also got some specialities which differentiate the platform from any other website. While you search on internet you get a lot of spy apps which help you in monitoring any device that you want, but our application even secures your own device. Here are the benefits which you get with Phone Tracker

  • Credibility– the application asks you to read the full rules, terms of operating and policies while also providing you with the credibility and account security factors. All your data that you share with the application developers remain secure and hidden.
  • Undetectability– while the application is installed on the target phone, you can easily hide it and protect yourself from getting trapped! As the app is hidden, it works in the stealth mode and you can be never caught while spying.
  • Control panel- we assist you with a control panel that keeps a control and track of all your details. Whether its call or a text, everything is instantly detected by the target user’s device and is sent directly to your control panel. You can only access this unique panel with the provided ID and password whenever you want to.
  • Phone security– while you download this app on your target device, you have to do the same on your phone too. With this app your phone and personal data stays secure. So even if someone tries to break your hidden details and steals the device, you can log in the control panel and catch the culprit within minutes.
  • 24×7 customer support- this is something which you might wish to have! So in case you are unable to get through any particular feature or use the app, you can always get connected with our experts’ panel and have the issues sorted while registering your queries.

So this was all about Phone Tracker app and how it works! Moreover the free trial period is always there for our valuable customers to use our application and try out its features! Stay updated and choose the best way of parental control with our one and only Phone Tracker mobile spying app!

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