Instagram Tracker: How to track Instagram
Instagram Tracker: How to track Instagram

There comes much moment in our life where we take the best selfie alone or with our friends then share it on the social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. We love posting pictures with lots of filters, edits as well as glitters to make it look charming, isn’t it? The main aim of posting photos on social media like Instagram is to publicize, share exciting memories, or make someone flattered. Do you know other than sharing photos or chatting with friends, you can spy on Instagram? Now, you may be confused and think how? Or more importantly why?

All these questions will be cleared as you read the article further. First and foremost thing we will discuss is why to track Instagram? Yes, like every task has some motto behind it. We do spying on Instagram to achieve the specific objective.

Why Telegram Tracker is used and what it exactly does

Here we are showing what all you can see:

  • You can get the password of someone’s Instagram account.
  • You can view the comments of the victim and others which is there on the Instagram.
  • You can see what all posts and thoughts have been shared by the victim through its account.

Know who to download Phone Tracker App

  • Step 1: Download Phone Tracker App via Link Button Above.
  • Step 2: Register new account with Email and Password.
  • Step 3: Login to Phone Tracker Control Panel to view all data tracking.

Additional features of Phone Tracker application

Tracking on call- this is one of the amazing features offered by Phone Tracker spyware. Using this feature you are able track on calls of target mobile. Data collected using this feature is-

  • Date and time call received or made
  • Dialed number and received call number
  • Name of contacts
  • Recording of the call
  • Deleted call history

SMS tracking- Phone Tracker spyware will allow you to track on SMS. You will be able to see access the SMS details from your control panel. Make sure you have internet connection to do the SMS tracking. If you are not connected to internet then you will not be able to log in. data collected using this feature is as follows-

  • Outbox and inbox SMS
  • Deleted SMS
  • Time as well as date stamp
  • Phone number and name of sender

Spy on GPS location- using the Phone Tracker software you will be able to spy on location of the target cell phone.  The details of targeted phone location will be sent to the control panel of the user. Access your control panel and get the details like-

  • Name of the location where target phone is present
  • Time/ date stamp
  • Location on map

Spy the browsing history- the Phone Tracker software allows you to track the history of browser used by targeted person on his/her mobile. Even if the history is cleared, it will be made available for you to see. Spying on browser history you will be able to get information like-

  • Website or URL name
  • Recently visited URL
  • Time and date URL was accessed
  • Deleted history
  • Bookmarks, saved pages

Photos, videos tracking- the Phone Tracker software allows you to spy on photos and other media files saved on target phone. The photos sent or received, captured, etc are all uploaded to your control panel. You can access the control panel, see the photos and save or download them on your device. Tracking media files will let you see-

  • Saved, deleted, hidden photos and media
  • Time and date it was downloaded or clicked
  • Folder name and content saved

WhatsApp tracking- the Phone Tracker software is reliable for tracking WhatsApp of target person. It allows you to read the WhatsApp messages, see photos and video shared. All these detailed are uploaded in the user control panel. Spying WhatsApp you receive information like

  • Chat history of WhatsApp
  • Shared media files
  • Time, date message sent or received
  • Name and number in WhatsApp contacts
  • Call recording, video call recording

Alert and notification- this feature of the Phone Tracker software functions to notify you whenever some activity takes place on target phone. For example- the target person changes his/her phone number, username or switch off the mobile then you will get notified about it. You are notified and new numbers or username used by target phone will be shown in your control panel. This way you receive all the updates about target mobile.

Keylogger- this feature is the most important feature for the user who wants to know password or patterns made on target phone to unlock it. The target mobile whenever makes any pattern on his mobile or type or press keys to unlock the application, it will get recorded and sent to user control panel.

Benefits of Instagram Tracker App

Monitor activities of the children-

Children or teenager make use of social media and share their photos and videos. Do you think it is safe? The answer is yes, and sometimes no! You will not know it is safe for your child or not until you spy on your children Instagram account and find out what they share with their friends. Or are the people connected to them are some known people or unknown ones. If they are unknown then it is unsafe for your child to share photos and videos with such people.

Spying the children Instagram account will help you collect information like-

  • Whom they chat?
  • What they chat?
  • What they share?
  • Are they bullied?
  • Are they misusing this platform?
  • Are they involved in crime?

Their photos are vulgar and shouldn’t be shared and so on. If you get all the knowledge about their activities beforehand then you can guide them about how to remain on their safer side.

Monitor activities of your partner-

Another purpose of spying or tracking Instagram account is to check on your spouse activities. Even if you are connected with your spouse on Instagram but you are not able to check on all the activities he or she does on Instagram. You are not able to see who all they chat, what they search and what all photos or posts they save in their account, isn’t it? Yes, you can’t check on these activities until you log in to their account.

With the help of phone tracking software, you are able to spy and check these activities. You don’t need your spouse accounts info like ID or password. You will be able to hack their account easily using the spy app. Now let us see how spying on someone’s Instagram account can be done! For doing this it is essential to have-

  • A Smartphone or android mobile
  • An internet connection