Track Browsing History: Firefox, Internet, Chorme
Track Browsing History: Firefox, Internet, Chorme

The browsing history will let you know which URL are visited recently, the time and date URL was visited, etc. If you are monitoring your child’s mobile and see them browse adult content then you can block those URL, or website they visit. Blocking option is available in Phone Tracker!

Know the features of History of sites visited

If you also make use of phone tracking software then you will be able to track search history or browsing history of the target phone.

  • The URL of the site
  • Date of visit
  • The browser used
  • Also works in private navigation

How to track browsing history using phone tracker software

This application is available on the Phone Tracker site and one can easily download as well. So get the application downloaded from there.

  • To start tracking you will need to download the tracking app from Phone Tracker.
  • After this you need to install it in your mobile as well as target mobile. Go on setting option and hide the app on victim's mobile. Once, you are done you can make an account by signing up!
  • Enter the password and account id to login to your control panel. Control panel is the place where you will get to see the activities taking place on target phone.

Additional features of Phone Tracker App

Additional features of Phone Tracker App
Additional features of Phone Tracker App

There other additional features of Phone Tracker application let’s have a note of them and know what does they provide you with.

Tracking calls
the phone tracking software lets you track the calls. This means whenever a call comes on target phone, it will get recorded and sent or uploaded on your control panel. When you are connected with internet, you can access the control panel and call recording. The call recording will reveal conversation taking place between target and stranger.
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Track on SMS
You will be notified whenever the new message comes to the target phone. You can see the chat and now the name of person whom they chat and what they chat. Other details you get are date and time, number from which SMS came, archives, deleted chats, etc.
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WhatsApp tracking
Track WhatsApp using phone tracking software. WhatsApp status, username, chats, shared video, audio, document, photos, calls, video calls everything is tracked and details are uploaded on your control panel. You can see the WhatsApp chat, listen WhatsApp calls, video calls and save them for future.
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Track photos, videos
The photos and video files on target media will be tracked or hacked using phone tracking software. This feature is most interesting feature as you can get to discover some hidden photos or videos on target mobile. You can save those photos and videos from your control panel.
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Track messengers
KIK, Hike, Line and Facebook messenger are used by people to chat and become social. You can track such messengers using the phone tracking software. The chats taking place through messenger are uploaded or sent on your control panel.
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GPS tracking
You can easily do GPS tracking using phone tracking software. Through GPS tracking you will be able to acknowledge current location of the person and his mobile. The information like location name, date and time, etc is sent to your control panel
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Benefits of using the Phone Tracker software

  • Convenient to use- people who are not so skilled and lack information on how to monitor others phone can use the spy apps and conveniently do hacking or tracking of target phone. It is convenient to use the Phone Tracker because then other person will never find out that his/ her mobile is being tracked by someone. Phone Tracker will maintain your secrecy, thus, it is convenient to use them.
  • Virus free tracking formula- local tracking software may contain virus and damage the device. However phone tracking are safe and they are free from viruses. You can check it is virus tested or not and then download them. Your device will not be affected by virus.
  • Monitor children- monitoring your children’s mobile using the phone tracking software is easy. Parents are not required to spend much effort to do monitoring. All the information are recorded by Phone Tracker itself and uploaded in your panel. Thus, when you are busy working as that time also you will be able to monitor them. Monitoring your child will help you know about their area of interest, their bad habits, etc.
  • Track employees phone- business persons are so busy, they don’t have time to look what their employees are doing. They need the phone tracking software to know status of their employees. It will help them know what kind of employees are there in the office. Are they involved in smuggling, crime, etc or have clean status.
  • Track spouse phone- tracking your partner phone using Phone Tracker is beneficial. You are able to track on activities done by your spouse on his/ her mobile. You can know that your spouse is truthful to you or tell lies. When your spouse say- "sorry dear I can't take you to dinner, I am busy" find out whether he is lying or he is really very busy. If you find him/ her chatting with their "ex" catch them red handed. Make them apologize to you.
  • Track the lost phone- your phone is misplaced or you lost them somewhere you went yesterday? It is the time you use phone tracking software and track where it is. You can get it back easily with the tracking app. In addition to this, if your phone gets in wrong hands at that time use Phone Tracker and block the mobile which is lost. Blocking will make it impossible for the person to access your child or your personal information.
  • Track from anywhere- If you live in other country and your child is in another country and you think it is impossible to monitor them then you are wrong. Using tracking software you will be track target mobile from all around the world.