Call Recording: How to record a phone calls
Call Recording: How to record a phone calls

Phone Tracker that enables hearing of hidden call records on a cell phone with phone tracking came into existence. You can precisely hear the call records mentioned in the call history.  The phone tracker app that provides hidden call recording enables phone monitoring as it is the most crucial part to target the suspect. The incoming and outgoing calls using the control panel provided at the device made real-time tracking easy. The app offer timestamp that enables the tracker record the call information and the date of the call. The app includes advanced features that let the individual or tracker target listen to the records actively.

Know the features of Call Recorder software

Phone Tracker will let you hear the hidden calls in real time on your Android, Symbian, Blackberry, or iPhone easily.

  • Time of call
  • The duration of the call
  • The type of call (incoming or outgoing)
  • The name or telephone number of the contact person
  • The location and GPS coordinates where the phone is located at the time of the call

Know who to download Phone Tracker App

This application is available on the Phone Tracker site and one can easily download as well. So get the application downloaded from there.

  • Step 1: Download Phone Tracker App via
  • Step 2: Follow Step-to-Step to Register new account with Email and Password.
  • Step 3: Login to Phone Tracker Control Panel to view all data tracking.

Other features of Phone Tracker application

Other features of Phone Tracker application
Other features of Phone Tracker application

The advanced features will provide accurate phone monitoring with call date and other hidden information to the user. Unlike the other apps, the phone tracker app lets the user track the suspect in working hours. Combined mapping and location tracking technology lets the user watch the suspect more closely. Some of the predominant features provided by the phone tracking apps are-

GPS Tracker
Using the location tracking feature you will feel as if you are currently in front of the suspect and watching him without getting noticed or caught. This will not only let you create space for secret tracking but also they will lay full trust on you, as they are completely unaware of secret tracking.
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Spy pictures
The user can access the mentioned bouquet just by following simple steps provided on the control panel. Once you collect all the pictures and multimedia files such as the videos, documents and hidden files, pay attention to the details and information that the pictures reveal.
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Social media tracking
Nowadays, several false activities performed on the social media can bring threat to anyone so it is inevitable to see what your kid or spouse might be doing on it. This will let you save your near ones from personal threats and keeps them away from illegal and false activities.
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Call tracking
Allows you to know about the incoming or outgoing calls received or forwarded by the suspect. This will clear all your doubts regarding the suspect and you can hear their talks on the android phone.
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Benefits of using Hidden Call Recorder

  • The first and the foremost benefit of using this app is that they are legal and needs no outside or additional permission from the developer or designer. The spy applications are not only legitimate to use but also breaks none of the laws of state or country. Spying on minor kids or tracking the current location of the wife is easy to monitor without any interruptions. It seems to be one of biggest advantages for the user because nothing cost more than using an illegal app or service. Surely, you will not get caught or noticed by the suspect.
  • They provide quick support and clear all doubts with an instant explanation. The services are available to the user 24x 7 so you do not have to rely on the outside services. This will enable you to watch the suspect on a daily basis using the special and additional features. Not all apps provide this service, so choose the spy app wisely and if you have any query then get it clear as soon as possible.
  • The phone-tracking app is economical and one gets the app easily from the above-mentioned site. The installation of the app takes less time and service offered by them are generally best than other sites.
  • They provide some additional and special features that are generally missing in other spying apps. Therefore, using phone tracking app seems to be the best option for you as additional features let you collect more information about the suspect. Special features bring more spying opportunities to the user that enable instant looking after the suspect without being noticed or caught. So, it services best than rest of the apps available online. Additional features may include spying through GPS locations and other technologies.

    You can save your near ones before your kid gets indulged in illegal activities. This is also considered one of the biggest advantages as it can save one’s life before they fall into the pit. You might know that several online sites bait so that people get to indulge in it and later on they have to pay a huge sum of bucks. This would crush their trust on online sites and eventually they may have to suffer throughout the whole life.

  • Surely, you will love the app because it will provide you with best and desired results. After all, you need results in order to clear doubts that constantly wander around your head. This app correctly does its job and brings all relevant information and data beforehand to the user. This may include data from social media activities, email activities, call recording, and text messaging. The additional features will serve you will live locations of the suspect and what all activities they perform at the location. Keep an eye on your kid, spouse, and employee using the tracking app and in case you find your doubt correctly, take possible actions to expose them.
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