How to hack someone's WhatsApp without touching their cell phone

How To Hack Someone’s Whatsapp Without Touching Their Cell Phone

Can’t access their phone but want to hack WhatsApp, know how?

Secrets at WhatsApp are now not at all secrets and anyone can easily know about them. How it is possible? Heard of WhatsApp hacking, several hacking tool are now searched by the users on internet. Users want to know all the secrets at WhatsApp of their friends, kids, spouse or partners. Therefore, they search for more advanced hacking tool which can keep them anonymous while revealing the secrets. However, not every user want to hack it has bad intentions behind doing it.

Can't access their phone but want to hack WhatsApp
Can’t access their phone but want to hack WhatsApp

A new phone to your kids is safe but not the apps installed on it, especially when they have large friend circle. Having a good reputation in business world, but trusting all employees especially when gadgets are allowed in office is not good. Got a new partner and ready to make them life partner, but don’t have a blind trust especially when they have bad habit of keeping secrets. All such reasons are sufficient to get a phone tracker.

WhatsApp is a way to approach and stay in touch with those who are distanced from you. However, keeping safety of users in mind the use of phone tracker is unavoidable. It is obvious in the case when your kid spends hours and hours talking on phone and you don’t even know about it. They might have no idea about the consequences but you have, so try PhoneTracking App.

Different ways of hacking WhatsApp

Different ways of hacking WhatsApp
Different ways of hacking WhatsApp

Use third party applications

PhoneTracking is third party software which works on the background of targeted device. It records every happening on the WhatsApp. The WhatsApp calls, conversations, shared media and other activities are recorded on PhoneTracking. It notifies the user by sending an alert and displays all the information on their personal account. It has more than one feature which helps in tracking the device. Such apps are installed on targeted device and are good for complete safety of the user and disclosing complete information from the device.

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Use verification trick

Another way is to use a verification process where user has to install a fresh WhatsApp on target device. Put the target number while installing the WhatsApp. The verification code will come on that number. Get the code and use it to install the app. the account of target will be opened and one can check the WhatsApp secrets then. However, this method involves a risk because the target will get to know about the logged out from his/her WhatsApp account.

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Check the WhatsApp backups

Third method also needs physical access of the phone. If the target keeps a back up of his/her WhatsApp chats then it’s easy to hack WhatsApp. Take the phone and go to file manager and get the backup files to your device using Bluetooth. Use third party software to decrypt the backup files.

Among the entire described methods first one is more useful and realistic. It is so because in second method the user is not safe and target will know about your trick. However, for last method one has to be sure that backups have been taken on WhatsApp. Therefore, first method is easy and will give you better results without needing a backup on WhatsApp and hide your identity.

We are sure that you want to keep it secret and safe so using a phone tracker is best. Moreover, it is not only useful for hacking any WhatsApp account but also the complete android phone of user. Hacking is not a big issue for PhoneTracking. It is completely safe and is also used in business to have a safe working environment.

Hack any smartphone with these features

Hack any smartphone with these features
Hack any smartphone with these features

PhoneTracking has high quality and safe features which can monitor or control any smartphone such as android, blackberry, Samsung or iPhone. All the features are regularly updated and send absolutely correct information at the dashboard of user from where they can keep a watch on their target. This monitoring app tells no lies and safeguard users from other applications.

  • Call spy
  • Message spy
  • Keylogger
  • GPS location tracking
  • Calendar events tracking
  • Application tracking
  • Internet history tracking
  • Monitoring of IM chats
  • Ambient voice recording
  • Call recording
  • Block application
  • Capture screenshots

PhoneTracking is full of all the above powerful features which a user needs to have a watch on their target. It is a complete watchdog for the target device. It is a top most application in the industry of spy software. To get it, visit

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