Free iPhone Spy

Free iPhone Spy

Spy applications are specially designed to monitor employees, children, and spouses that are unknown by the user. The application works well when the user gets notified stating that they have enabled a monitoring app on their device. The spy app is applicable under all country’s as well as the state’s laws and it becomes the responsibility of the developer to obey and ascertain it. If you wish to execute spying in a lawful manner, then you need to read this guide on how to spy on iPhone using the PhoneTracking App. How to purchase, download and install is also covered in this article, so go through it well.

How to spy on iPhone Using PhoneTracking App
How to spy on iPhone Using PhoneTracking App

Since iPhone are common nowadays; people use it daily for making successful conversation or performing any other activity. However, technological progress had an awful effect too, such as performing unwanted activities on the smartphone. People spend more time on mobile than doing anything else; it has now become common among youngsters. So, it becomes extremely important and necessary to keep an eye on them, before they fall into social pitfalls. On the other hand, devoted partner & top employers can make use of it so as to monitor suspect activities. The phone tracking app is a popular spying app these days, you too can try it.

PhoneTracking – Best iPhone Spying App

PhoneTracking - Best iPhone Spying App
PhoneTracking – Best iPhone Spying App

If you wish to get a quality and free tracking application then the PhoneTracking app is the best option available in front of you. It is because of the following reasons-

  • It possesses more than 25 features
  • It is easy to use and the installation process takes a few minutes
  • It is compatible with both iPhone and Android as well
  • It can track Facebook & WhatsApp outgoing and incoming messages without bothering about rooting the cell phone
  • It monitors well on employees and children in real-time

Why people use it

For employee monitoring– it is considered the best employee tracking app for top-notch companies. It will make sure that the people working in your company do not deliver confidential or personal data to competitors.

For spouse monitoring it is important to clear off all the clouds of doubts regarding cheating spouse. You can track call logs, SMS, and other activities using the app.

For kid monitoringis helpful for parents who due to busy schedules can’t stay with kids longer. You will be able to track multimedia content, GPS location, and other internet activities happening on kid’s cell phones.

Features of the PhoneTracking app

Features are the most important and essential asset for any of the spying application available in the market. It is because features allow the user to know why the application is so important and how one can be benefited from it. A detailed description of the features are stated below-

Free SMS tracker– this feature enables you to read all the received, sent, and deleted text messages from the victim’s phone. You can even see the time, date stamp along with the content present in the message.

Track GPS location– this feature enables you to monitor your employee, spouse, and kid’s location in real-time. You can use it when they are out and see how much time they spend on a particular location. This will tell you more of the activities performed by the victim outside in your absence.

View call logs using this feature, you get to access the outgoing, incoming even missed call along with time, date stamps & call duration regarding every call. Since now telecom companies have made calling free when one gets acquainted with a good plan, people tend to make calls 10-12 times a day. This can expose off any of the important information related to the victim.

Monitor browsing history internet services have always been beneficial to users. Since its introduction, active users keep on multiplying each day. This makes the tracking of the entire list of browsing history details easier and convenient using the PhoneTracking app.

Photo/video capturing- the introduction of social networking sites has flooded smartphones with tons of videos, and photos. Nowadays, people believe in making a social presence and they do it by posting photos, selfies, and videos on popular social networking sites.

Monitor IM chats and WhatsApp chat- using the PhoneTracking app, you will be able to read old and instant messages on IM apps such as Snapchat, Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, etc.

Hidden call recorder it is a fact that the PhoneTracking is one of the powerful monitoring application for those willing to spy effectively and efficiently. You will be able to record outgoing and incoming calls and can track noise from the surroundings as well. Hidden calls get traced within seconds without making extra efforts.

Remote full control over the iPhone– The phone tracking app allows you to adjust feature settings. You will be able to send remote commands over the suspect device without letting him/her aware of it.

Free keylogger free keylogger feature enables you to monitor and record instant keystrokes over messaging and social media apps such as Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype, and others as well.

How to download it?

You can download and install the PhoneTracking application just like the other applications you download from the app store. Here, the only difference is that you need to visit the official website and then choose a plan to purchase it. Follow the steps and get it soon-

  • Step 1: you first need to download as well as install it from
  • Step 2: register with a new account using a password and email. You can hide the icon if you want to experience undetectable and hidden service
  • Step 3: now log in using the ID and password so as to monitor data of the suspect

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The phone tracking application is considered top-notch and high-quality monitoring software that enables users to acquire all the details from the suspect iPhone. The application makes use of an algorithm that makes the process of spying more simple and convenient. You can make use of the free trial of the application and then buy it as per the requirement.

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