Free GPS Tracker: How to track on cell phone location
Free GPS Tracker: How to track on cell phone location

Phone Tracker is an application that is having a feature that is GPS tracker this is a tracker that helps you in knowing the location of the people at the present time as well as all the location of the person during past. This is one such application that makes your tracking experience easy. One can easily know the place they are at the particular time. Where they were before and what is the route chosen by them while reaching the destination.

Know the features of GPS Tracker software

As this application helps you in tracking the people’s location there are many things that are offered by this application let’s have a look at some of the benefits that are being provided with the Phone Tracker application.

  • Retrieve the GPS position of the phone every hour with the date, longitude, latitude and location address
  • You can set the interval time to 15 minutes instead of 1 hour
  • View GPS location on Google Map
  • Receive position via mobile network if GPS is disabled

Know who to download Phone Tracker App

This application can be easily downloaded by the people for free. This application is available on the Phone Tracker site and one can easily download as well. So get the application downloaded from there.

  • Step 1: Download Phone Tracker App via
  • Step 2: Follow Step-to-Step to Register new account with Email and Password.
  • Step 3: Login to Phone Tracker Control Panel to view all data tracking.

Additional features of Phone Tracker application

Additional features of Phone Tracker application
Additional features of Phone Tracker application

There other additional features of Phone Tracker application let’s have a note of them and know what does they provide you with.

Social media application tracking
With the help of this feature one can easily get to know all the application that are installed by the people on his phone. All the activities that are being made on this application can be easily known to you easily. All such activities with all date and time can be provided to you easily on the control panel of the phone tracking application.
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SMS Tracking
With the help of this feature one can easily get to know all the messages that are being received by the person all the chats and past chats can be known by you easily. This is one of the best features as all the SMS are being made visible to you with date and time so, that you can easily know when the messages are being made.
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Monitor sites visited by the person
One can easily monitor all the sites visited by the person. In case you have small children and you have the fear about what they are watching on the net then with the help of this application one can easily get to know what are the sites the children's are watching in case there is such site that not appropriate you can also block the sites as well for your child's safety.
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Call tracking
With the help of this feature one can easily get all the records of the call and it is being said calling are the best way through which one can easily get to know on what matter the talks are being done. All the contact list of the person all the dialed and received calls can be known. Even if the person has deleted all there call details then also one can get all the call details that is being depleted by the person.
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This feature is used to block the application according to this feature if you feel any application that is not appropriate for your loved ones, or they are using the application for long time then in such a situation you can block the application. This will made them concentrate on your work more at the same time efficiency of the work will also increase.
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With the help of this alert feature one does not have to open the application again and again as with the help of this feature you can set alert and then every time any such activity done on this application you can get the alert and then you can look at it.
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Benefits of GPS tracker

  • 100% unpredictable- this is one of the applications that is 100% unpredictable the person will never come to know its presence on the phone of the people. So there are no worries of getting trapped while spying. As getting trapped can make your relationship with the person worse as nobody wants themselves to be tracked by anyone.

  • 24x7 customer care service available - this is the application that provides you with the customer care service. This is the service that is offered to its customers as in case the customer is facing any such problems related to the application they can easily call this customer care services and can easily get their problems solved easily.
  • No special skills required- this application is very easy to use people as using it does not needs any types of special skills for using this application. This application is available in many languages, you can choose any favorable language and thus no special training is required to get the application.

  • Downloaded for free- this application can be downloaded for free there is no need to pay for downloading this application one can easily download it from the Phone Tracker site and can use it easily.