As the global trends of mobile phone usage, connectivity, and above all “technology” are flourishing massively and narrowing down the universal boundaries, people have found huge ways to enter into other’s privacy and disrupt their way of living! It’s not that we always peep on the negative side of it, but this is something essential which each one of your must do. As the time is changing, people are continuously using their gadgets without even considering the value of other things and special moments in their lives, and thus there is a need to bring some change!

This is something which has noticeably being seen within the corporate world. Sluggish things like jealousy, cheating, competition and hatred amongst the employees is disrupting the code of conduct and efficiently which must be there within any organisation, despite its business size and type! The employees have been also seen, undertaking unethical activities which are neither good for the firm, or for their mates! So what possibly could sort this out? Well, we have a solution!

Phone Tracker- letting the employers deal with all complexities

So while you are struggling with all such nuisance in your workspace and dealing with the uncertain behaviour of your employees, we have brought the Phone Tracker to bring a balance in your work life. Being on a senior post or running your own organisation comes with numerous hectic tasks and responsibilities. You might be dealing with your own work load, and in between of all this, you can never get personally into the shitty fights that happen amongst your employees right?

Understanding this aspect of your life, we have introduced the Phone Tracker application which amazingly solves out all your problems. Here is something more about the application that you must need to know!

  • The application is a high technology based application which is designed to monitor all the activities of a Smartphone.
  • It helps the user to easily tackle with the behaviour of their target user, upon whose device the application is installed.
  • It is perfectly compatible with all sort of operating software, whether its iOS or android.
  • The application undertakes all the tasks remotely, virtually and is an undetectable tool to wash away your everyday problems.
  • It is not just a device for monitoring on others, but is a complete security package which provides the security to your phone and data too.
  • The installation and download process of this app is extremely easy and it doesn’t requires any sort of jailbreaking or rooting.
  • The application is truly one gem in your life that comes in highly affordable and easily manageable budget and doesn’t extract out the whole of it from your pocket.

So these were just the glimpses about what our Phone Tracker application is, and how it functions. As you go on with the article, you will find out the beneficial features, uses and other set of detailed information about this mobile monitoring application. So to all the employers! It’s finally time to drop down your old and boring methods of installing CCTVs within the organisation, and switch to this mobile monitoring app for better and high class security with complete peace within the place.

How to download the Phone Tracker application on the employee's device

Well this is a fine question that must be popping in your head! Even if you are an employer, you have got no rights to check on their personal mobile phones or do anything with them. However, we have a better option! A lot of companies run with some specific policies where the employees are not allowed to use their mobile phones during the office hours. In fact they are kept safely within their personal safes within the office campus only.

So if you want to maintain great discipline and core humanity within your working space, this technique could work. You can make this policy as mentioned above, and provide all of your employees with office driven phones. As the mobile phones today are even cheaper than the groceries you buy, it won’t be much difficult for you to do so! In fact, the workers would get excited that they are getting a new phone by the company’s side as an additional bonus to their salaries! This is how the work is done!

Now as you provide them with new phones just install our Phone Tracker application on their devices and hide it from the menu bar. The application will silently keep on doing its task in the background, and no one would ever get to notice it! While downloading, you neither have to deal with jail break nor with rooting, so the task is even simpler.

Just download the app, install it, register with your account, or make a new one and get the details of every employee’s phone on your control panel with live location and phone call tracking.

What are the features of our Phone Tracker mobile app

Just like every other mobile phone spying application which you see on internet, our application too includes a lot of attractive features. However, it would not be something wrong to say that, how amazing our app is. With more than 25 features, this power packed tool sorts out all your needs and requirements in a go! Moreover, its ability to stay compatible with every device is what makes it a great thing to talk about. Here are some of the features that make our application different from the rest which you see!

  • It tracks phone calls- live audio conversations contain a lot of details which you might need to know about your suspect. While you get our Phone Tracker app installed on their device, you get to listen all of their real time conversations with call duration, time, date and full details of other person. All the missed, dialled and received calls will be under your reach.
  • Monitors the messages- text messages whether they belong to social media sites, or to your inbox reveals a lot about ones behaviour. So while you get connected with our website, you can easily extract out all their text related details with the name of sender, the location, date, time and much more. Even the deleted conversations can be retrieved and viewed.
  • Find out location through GPS- the included services of GPS in every smart phone is something astonishing that majorly started the trend of tracking. As it’s primarily made for the purpose of navigation, it also lets the user extract out great information about ones location. So when your employees take up the office vehicle and roam unnecessarily around the city, you can find out what they are doing and how they are wasting the essential working hours.
  • Tracks password through key logger- the facility of key logger, lets you detect out all of the finger impressions which the user makes upon the virtual keyboard of their phone. So anytime he/she enters a password or draw out a pattern, you get to detect it easily. As you are provided with all their account passwords and ID you can now launch their accounts, email handles and a lot more upon any of your device.
  • Tracking of multimedia files- apart from messages, social platforms even let you share images, videos, audios, audio clips and a lot more. While these files contain huge sensitive data, you must have a full control over them while you use the platform. All of these files are instantly detected and sent upon your control panel for viewing.
  • Ambient listening with fake calls- this feature allows you to make random calls upon the phone of your suspect. As you make the calls, you get all their real time conversations tracked. This is a good way to determine about their full proof location. So if they are in a meeting or in a party, you will easily get to know this through the sounds prevailing around. The party music or meeting’s silence will depict all the rightful details to you.

Why monitoring on employee is essential nowadays

So now, it’s high time that you change your way of monitoring over the employees, and start using something as effective as the Phone Tracker application is. It will eventually sort out all your problems in a go, while giving you full insights about your workers behaviour. In fact, the application fruitfully gives you the liberty to connect with numerous phones at a time, so all of the devices will be connected with your single control panel. You will even enjoy the undetectable and virtual spying so the app will work in the background and it cannot be easily detected.

In fact we have got our own credible 24×7 customer support network which allows the users to sort out all of their queries. If you are stuck with some problems or want to give us some suggestions of betterment, we are always ready to welcome them with our whole heart! So just go to our official website and download the app now, to seek its benefits!

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